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Leather Journals make the perfect gift!

Many people use journals to record their thoughts, interests, experiences, and observations. If you like writing and thinking of starting a journal, here are some great ideas!

Travel Journals

A Travel Journal can be particularly nice if you’re going on a special holiday or about to embark on a new chapter of travelling. A way of capturing the observational and experiential adventures that you bump into along the way!



Reading Journals

For people who love to read, these can be marvellously practical. A Reading Journal enables you to keep a record of all aspects of your reading, such as the books in your inventory, the books you want to buy, which books you’ve read, and what you thought of them.



Pregnancy Journals

A pregnancy journal acts as an expecting mother’s sidekick in helping her storm through pregnancy like a champ. It becomes a go-to place for her to record the plentiful amounts of important information on her health, details of the process, useful tips, contacts, appointments, and activities. Having all this information close at heart, will equip her at all times with the right information to make good decisions at every step of the way. Of course, there is always Google – but where’s the fun in that!


Gardening / Nature Journals

This is an exciting type of project journal that’s used by garden and nature enthusiasts (like myself!). It can be a great way to record all the wonderful activities in the garden, from the blooming of a seasonal flower, the arrival of a new bird to the area, or perhaps even the playing of young foxes who haven’t noticed you’re there yet. Fill it to your hearts content with photos, sketches and descriptions!


Film Journals

Film journals are for those who love the big screen; the motion-picture experience; the cinematic adventure! If you’re one of those, why not document all that passion inside a film journal! Make it a reference for all the movies that you’ve seen, who you’d watched it with, and most importantly – your thoughts on them (typically, film fanatics are quite the critics – so don’t hold back!)


Recipe Journals

My all-time favourite! Why? Well because I adore cooking and the never-ending exploration of new ways to tickle the taste buds! If you share the same passion as me, then this journal is perfect for you. Utilise it to document all the new and different recipes you come across, the friends and family favourites, and of course, all the important past-on recipes you’d like never to forget! You can keep track of where you made it, who were there to enjoy it, and what the overall experience of that particular recipe was (this normally indicates whether it’s a forget-immediately recipe or a regular pleaser at the table!). Remember, you can keep different journals for salads, dinners, desserts, and much more. This will make your life easier when trying to find recipes and will look ever so quaint on your kitchen shelf.

What’s also very practical about these is that they can be taken with you to the supermarket so you’re able to know what to buy! No more writing out shopping lists or trying desperately hard to recall everything by memory (I’m somebody who always forgets the most important ingredient…).


Diet/Exercise Journals

Nothing requires a more meticulous approach than a diet or an exercise plan. Unless you’re referencing straight from the source (e.g. Google), you’ll find it hard to remember the details and the motivation to stay on track. This journal will embody two (normally very expensive) professionals: the nutritionist and the personal trainer. By keeping all the dietary details and instructions in one place, you can be inspired every time you see it. Use it to document your new diet challenge and as a platform to plan your weeks ahead.

To improve your physical health, progress needs to be maintained, and the only way to remember where you last left off (how may reps you did, what weights you last used, how many miles you last ran, etc.), is to jot it down. Even though the journal lacks the – admittedly, very attractive – muscles of a personal trainer, it acts as a great source of motivation to keep you busting out a good sweat!

It’s proven that if you write something down, you’re much more likely to commit to it.


Collection/Hobby Journals

Journal your experiences and feelings about the things you collect, such as stamps, coins, fossils, minerals, and a million more ideas! Make a record using photos and sketches, decorating the sides with information on what it is, the history, where you’d got it or seen it from. Scrapbooking is a widely enjoyed hobby for many people of all ages, so why not begin yours today!

Finance Journals

Utilise these to record your daily, weekly and monthly expenses. Use it to track your financial situations and as a way of planning ahead and to reflect on past spending. Greater understanding of your finances, along with better and smarter decision-making will come out of using a Finance Journal.

Good Thoughts Journals

This is a very sweet journal that’s trending at the moment; a powerful pocket-friend whose job is to hold onto one good thought a day. Nothing is more positive to read through than one of these once it’s begun to fill.

Creative Journals

These have no rules! It could end up looking like a scrapbook, a series of mood and idea boards, a sketchbook, a collection of photos, an assortment of scribbles or written text; whichever way you can use it to document your creative activities and thoughts. Typical users of this type of journal include: artists, painters, designers, architects, authors, florists and songwriters. Any profession or hobby that involves the imagination can benefit from one of these. If you’re one of these people – get in touch today!

“My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.”
Ernest Hemingway

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