Customise your Leather Gift

If you would like to achieve a unique and personalised result, I can engrave initials, names or a quote/message into the leather.  This type of personalisation is very popular for all the major key events throughout the year that we all know and love!   These include birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day, mother’s day, pet’s day (OK, maybe that’s just me), and many more.

Additionally, I can make custom logos or brands for special events or celebrations that one might be holding.

Every product that I showcase on this website, including past and future leather goods, is fully customisable.

Let’s dive into the techniques and tools that I use everyday!

For the engraving, I use the hot-stamping method. This involves a type holder which holds together an assembly of brass letters that form the words (the initials, names, messages, etc.). With the application of heat, this type holder is hand pressed onto leather to create a blind emboss print.

This traditional style of permanent personalisation is an affordable and sure-fire way of adding a touch of class to any gift!

Moving swiftly onto the hand-written pyrography. I love this free-hand method as I’m able to offer clients a variety of fonts. It’s also perfect for those who’d love more than just initials, and perhaps would like a longer message printed on the gift.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently acquired a new branding method which allows clients to submit their own designs and even company logos for direct printing – exciting right!

Quick note: branding ability is always subject to the size and print areas of each item.

I make all of my products in genuine Spanish leather (goat or cowhide) and have the luxury of offering clients a vast array of beautiful colours to choose between. Journal pages are hand cut and hand sewn together, available in plain or lined.




Contact me and I will help you create the perfect gift.