Hello, my name’s Susan Holland – it’s great to meet you! So, let me tell you a little bit about the lady behind the leather gifts.

Born in London, England, I moved to sunny Spain from a very young age. I have been perfecting my tan ever since (evidence of perfect bronzing in this photo!).

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been mesmerised by the art of handcrafting. The idea that every piece is completely bespoke, intimately put together, and abiding no rules but your own. Essentially, the possibilities are endless (to an extent, please no enquiries for foil corsets for your goldfish – that’s just bizarre!).

Handcrafting is a very broad category of specialised skills, and mine lies in the making of leather gifts. Wielding my qualification in bookbinding, a head full of imagination, and a bowl of gazpacho; I began my journey down this field roughly ten years ago.

Since then, I’ve gradually added more and more leather products to my catalogue. Exciting new items were often a result of bringing to life a suggestion from a client or friend (keep em’ coming!). Some of my most popular leather items include Passport Holders, Pen Holders, and Luggage Tags.

I make all of my products in genuine Spanish leather (goat or cowhide) and have the luxury of offering clients a vast array of beautiful colours to choose between. Journal pages are hand cut and hand sewn together, and are available in plain or lined.

"Each item is hand made using first quality goat and cowhide leather in a wide range of colours"

What’s most exciting is my service in personalisation, or as I call it, the bringing to life of gifts! Using a few of my favourite tools, I can brand directly onto the leather goods as per your request. Clients can choose either hand-written pyrography (a fancy word for writing using a heated instrument), or the choice of engraving using beautifully conventional roman type stamps. Nothing’s more special than receiving a gift with your name on it. If you’re looking for who-put-the-onions-in-the-room moments, then personalised gifts are highly recommended! For a deeper insight into the tools and techniques used, click here.

From the outset, my mission is to offer clients with personalised and completely unique artisan items. No two items will ever be identical. More work for me but more joy for you!

Going Truly Bespoke!

For those who want to go one step further down the personalisation route, you can suggest your very own specifications on how you want your product to be. For example, you could request for an extra pocket, a different size, or scrap all that and just propose an entirely new product. One client last year asked for a roll-up Cosmetics Bag – it was amazing! So don’t be afraid to propose ideas and to vocalise alterations to products that already exist on my website.

Why can you rely on me?

I love what I do, and that love is applied to each and every item I have the pleasure of making. Every detail is meticulously dealt with and solely completed by me. Every day I go from cutting and sewing, personalising and engraving, to building the packaging and completing the shipping myself. This is a one-man-band you can count on!

Service excellence is very important to me. The process is friendly, smooth and transparent from beginning to end to ensure your experience is nothing but pleasant and stress-free. For the purpose of showing you that I deliver results (and not to blow my own trumpet haha), I’d like to share with you my five-star status on Etsy which is based on over one thousand jobs.

I would absolutely love to hear from you, whether that be to enquire or simply to grab some friendly advice!