Travel in Style

Handmade Leather Items make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Whether you’re jetting off for a sun and sand-filled vacation, a weekend trip with your colleagues, or going on a romantic overnight city break; you could really make use of one of these practical travel leather accessories!

Luggage Tags

Handmade Leather Luggage Tags are my most affordable item and provides travellers with that extra touch of class and uniqueness to their travel bags. It’s also essential for anyone who wants to see their belongings again if ever their bags decide to take a nice stroll down the lost and found quarter…

They’re made from soft, authentic leather, and meticulously handcrafted to ensure you´re paying for only the highest standard of product.

Travel Wallet Organisers

Imagine if you could keep all your travel documents and essentials in one convenient little wallet. This would save you from any airport horrors such as losing passports or having to desperately scramble through handbags looking for flight tickets.

As standard, these Travel Wallets feature several compartments inside, of varying sizes, to allow for cards, documents, and passports to be kept together. All embodied inside a beautifully hand-cut and hand-assembled leather casing with a splash of world-theme graphics on the inside sleeve and vertically down the front face.

Remember, each item I produce is tailor made to you, so don’t think you have to accept the standard design that’s currently on my website. Feel free to propose which colour combinations you’d like, how many pockets and where you’d like them, and what size. The balls always in your court!



All travel accessories can be personalised, giving you the chance to make it as individualistic and special to you or your recipient, as possible.



These beautiful Leather Luggage Tags are designed to add style and sophistication to your holidays. Some gentle stop-and-stare action never hurt anyone!



Passport Holders

These are one of the most popular gifts on my website. A passport is very personal and often conducive to very exciting thoughts (dusting it off knowing you’re about to go from sad to sun!). That’s why a handmade Leather Passport Holder is an easy route to making somebody, or yourself feel remarkably special.
Equally as important, the durability of real leather is a brilliant way of preserving the condition of your passport.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch and add some personality and class to your next trip!



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